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For an individual, starting to work in an organization is an inimitable and critically an important phase that requires a special viewpoint and approach to be successful as a graduate. The accomplishment of this transition period will have a foremost impact on aspects like salary, advancement, job satisfaction, and ability to have cordial relationships within the organization as well as on one’s own feelings of success, culpability, and obligation to the job.

WIIFY (What’s In It For You?)

  • Sensitizing and making students aware of these challenges
  • To build a strong foundation for first-year employees
  • To be effective in professional life
  • Enhance communication skills
  • Acing an Interview
  • To build, utilize and leverage social networking mediums
  • Incorporate skill-sets for effective role enactment such as; listening to instructions from seniors; discussing the issues with the leader; accept criticism’ learn to give and take compliments; effective leadership skills and interpersonal skills.
  • Display a professional image Build greater self
  • To sustain in the organization by harmonizing the work-life balance

Here’s our additional support

  • Conduct Events, Contests, Internship, and Mentoring based projects to have a cognizance of the corporate environment.
  • Familiarize Internship for faculty members by initiating them to corporate to learn practical outlook
  • Promote Alumni-based mentorship Suite
  • Enhance focus on soft skills