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We started our operations in the year 2007 and since then PUPIL Consulting Services has been providing exceptional services and expertise to deliver effective human capital and relationship solutions for its clients in India.

Our expertise team has the knowledge and hands-on experience of ideas and insights into the comprehensive implementation of services and quality with an innovative and unique amalgamation of empathetic analysis of client requirements and emulate a sustaining and progressive solution.

It is our zeal to define a New Age in Consulting Industry in today’s economy, not discounting the growing challenge to reduce costs while emerging as the top business processes and operations. Our ability to maximize operational efficiencies;unlock growth potential, and empower transformation, has succored us as partners with clients to diminish the overall operating issues, including performance management and forecast the returns of investment for business growth. Our team has a unique blend of industry and consulting experience, which provides pragmatic solutions to complex issues while leveraging industry best practices.


Our zeal is to exceed the expectations of our clients, partners, associates,and employees by empowering them to be a trendsetter in their own areas of expertise.

    • In the era of empowerment and innovation,our first commitment is to our clients.
    • Our integrity andrepertoire is our hall-mark amongst our clients, partners, associates,and employees.
    • We are the most sought after forerunners for our clients across all associations.
    • We help our clients access the right information. Right information brings knowledge. Knowledge is power. And sharing it is empowerment.


    • You are first
    • Tirelessly innovate; adapt, reinvent ourselves and the company
    • Take ownership
    • Be an empathetic service provider and a leader.
    • Share and provide expertise with a personal interest


    • Our vision is to be world’s most influential and respected professional consulting company.