PUPIL Consulting Services


Building people
and relationship.


As the rate of skills change accelerates across both old and new roles in all industries, proactive and innovative skill-building and talent management is an urgent issue. What this requires is a talent development function that is rapidly becoming more strategic and has a seat at the table.”
-World Economic Forum

We have an inbuilt culture that values distinctiveness

  • We love to and encourage others to work with diverse groups in—ensuring that people with different viewpoints, cultures, genders, and races can take part in company life.
  • Belongingness – help make each individual fully known and accepted for who you are
  • At Pupil we appreciate the QUALITY of our people, work,and results
  • You play a pivotal role in shaping and managing the work culture
  • Enable you to work with our global work-force through continuous experiential learning
  • We make jobs and skills relevant in the age of automation

All said and done, “WE WORK WITH PEOPLE NOT WITH DESIGNATIONS. WE WORK TO DEVELOP SKILLS FOR PERFORMANCE”. Hence, we love to work with humorously serious people; strictly prefer “NO BOX” thinkers; extensively creative; extremely social individuals; Highly commendable attitude and temperament; NEVER SAY NO to learning; make work the center of attraction; SHOULDN’T SHY to guide, learn and share; elicit humility and leadership skills; Fearless and empathetic; make success a tradition; get on like a house on fire and eventually who can have FUN and WORK.

Please note: When in dilemma, you can always fall back on our VALUES and redesign your thinking or your approach towards life and work.