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Invest in hiring right middle management to boost bottom line They Help To Retain Workforce, Push Company’s Strategy Better – James Agarwal

While a good CEO brings with him great vision, insights and an exciting set of challenges to the table, it is equally important to have the right set of middle management for an organization to be successful and efficient. Rapid technological progression, massive generational shift and the need to create innovative strategies to meet the ever-shifting market dynamics underline the vital need of a robust middle management in any organisation.

Middle managers such as department heads, associate directors, business directors and business heads enjoy a central position in organisational hierarchies, and are responsible for effective implementation of senior management plans via suitable allocation & utilization of resources.

Back in the day, middle managers were expected to play the role of only resource allocators, negotiators and executors, however, with the change in dynamics and fast-paced businesses, middle managers are also now the change drivers, innovators and talent advocates in a thriving organisation. Middle managers have a rather complicated relationship with power; which is activated and experienced in the context of their interpersonal relationships. With superiors/leadership team on one side and team/subordinates on the other, middle managers are expected to play diverse roles within and organisation when moving from tone interaction to the next, constantly oscillating between relatively high and relatively low power interaction styles. By virtue of their structural positions, they are simultaneously the “victims and the carriers of change” within an organisation and often find themselves stuck in between various stakeholder groups, which can produce “relentless and conflicting demands.”

Hiring and developing great managers, and building up and leveraging the strengths of every employee are key to multiplying employee engagement. Needless to say, middle managers are the operational engine of any business and this criticality makes hiring for the position an exigent task.

It is important to ensure that an organisation puts in place the right middle management who has the necessary proficiency & aptitude to keep the cogs turning. A lot of companies face difficulties in finding the right talent for middle management sine the job requires a candidate not only with exceptional skills, domain expertise but also significant experience and leadership quality. A few aspects can be taken into account while hiring middle managers and could go a long way in building a reliable & successful team of leaders within an organization.

  1. Translation & Implementation of policies
  2. Allocation of resources
  3. People Management
  4. Complementary cultural fit

Source:Times of India, Wednesday, October 3, 2018 | Mysuru (Page-11)